Geography Cat discusses the impact of competition from global markets and the demands of supermarkets on farming in the UK


When tackling a “discuss” style question remember to include both positive and negative points of view.

You would have to write this answer in full, well-structured sentences but here are some bullet points to start you off:

  • UK farmers have to lower their prices in order to secure contracts with the supermarkets because of the competition from global markets who could undercut them. This means the UK farms won’t make as much profit.
  • In order to be more competitive UK farmers have had to become more efficient so that they can produce bigger yields (yield means how much actual foodstuff is grown, for instance, one field could produce a certain about of wheat, and each wheat plant can produce a certain amount of seed).
  • Variety can be limited because of the vast quantities demanded by the supermarkets, therefore a farmer may have to rely on one crop (this makes them more vulnerable in case of possible pest trouble or disease, or poor weather that will affect that crop).
  • Contracts given to UK farmers by the supermarkets guarantee that they will buy the produce, and at a guaranteed price, but this might be a low price.
  • Supermarkets may demand a certain quality of size of fruit and vegetables, all without blemishes, this means there can be a lot of wastage.
  • Farmers could grow organic food and charge higher prices, but there is a limited demand for this so far.


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  1. Tom Scott says:

    What is stopping big corporate companies raising the prise of the meat they buy cheaply to sell at increasing high prises or is it this happening slowly?


    1. geographycatblog says:

      Great question (if confusingly worded). The big companies ALREADY increase the prices! That’s how companies become big companies


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